Séguret rouge

Séguret rouge


Area: 0.5 ha / 1.25 acres.
Average yearly production: 15 hl.

Grapes: 70% Grenache - 30% Mourvèdre.
Vineyards average age: 50 years.
Culture method: Reasonable culture, with mechanical treatment of the soil without chemical fertilizer, without any synthetic product.

Vine exposure: West.
Soil: Yellow clay.
Harvest: Hand harvesting; grapes are sorted out on the trunks and on a sorting table too.
Looking for the highest maturity.


Varietal vinification: Together, in the same tank.
Tank: Concrete tank.
Cold maceration: No
Yeasting: No, only natural yeasts.
Maximum temperature: 30°C.
One pomping-over a day, and delestage* if needed.
Fermentation lenght: 30 days.


In ovals during 8 months.
Malolactic fermentation in ovals too.
One batonnage* a month.


No fining and no filtration.
Bottling: June/July, the year after vinication.
Storage of filled and corked bottles in airconditioned cellar.

Wine characteristics

The culture method combined with a yellow clay soil and the Grenache/Mourvèdre blending gives birth to a highly expressive wine with good aging qualities.

*Delestage: it consists to draining wine during maceration into a second tank and pumping it back very rapidly on the top of first tank.
*Batonnage: stirring of the lees in a barrel.

Download the Séguret technical sheet (pdf)